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0d 15h 25m 57s
Zhyper Rankings
1. sampaguita (20,000)
2. xGodSpeLLx (13,692)
3. Casopheia (12,936)
4. LindaChang (9,942)
5. BKheavens (9,413)
Valhalla Rankings
1. ALLDAYHUNT (2 GR, 440 ML)
2. xBarako0x (2 GR, 440 ML)
3. SouLhigh (2 GR, 440 ML)
4. Kami (2 GR, 440 ML)
5. LordMiMi (2 GR, 440 ML)
Castle Owner
Castle Siege Battle Starts In
1d 15h 25m 57s
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MuOnline Server

Your journey into MU starts here!
September News and Updates
¬ News & Announcements 7 September, 2017

Valhalla & Zhyper Ribbon Box Update

To give players extra loot while farming, we have activated the Ribbon Boxes.

Starting today there will be 3 new boxes that will drop on Blood Caste & Devil Square

These Ribbon Boxes will Drop All Complete Items of S1 to S3 Items from 1 to 4 Excellent Options!

Each Box Has Different Parts of Loots

ZMU Drop Rate of Box: 1/400
Valhalla Drop Rate of Box: 1/2700

Each Ribbon Box has only 60% Chance of Dropping Items for Zhyper

Each Ribbon Box has only 40% Chance of Dropping Items for Valhalla

Green Ribbon Box

* Helms
* Armors
* Shields
* Scepters

Blue Ribbon Box

* Pants
* Gloves
* Staffs
* Spears

Red Ribbon Box

* Boots
* Swords
* Axe
* Bows

Please Run Your Auto Updater!

Crywolf Event Drop Updated

Starting this Saturday Crywolf Event.

All Army of Balgass Invasion Will have 50% Chance to Drop 1CP Cash Points Voucher

Balgass Will Drop 5CP Voucher
Dark Elf Will Drop 2 Days VIP Voucher

* Elf Reward Who Will Stand on Circle Will Receive 5CP Voucher

* Top 5 Squad Army Killer Reward 5CP Voucher

All Army Mobs HP / Attack / Defense has been Increased.

Event Schedule : Every Saturday 8:20 pm GMT+8


Valhalla CryWolf Drop

All Army of Balgass Invasion Will have 50% Chance to Drop Ribbon Box All Colors

Balgass Will Drop GM Box | SS5 | TCA | ETCA | Vault Expansion | Add Slot Token
Dark Elf Will Drop 2 Days VIP Voucher

* Elf Reward Who Will Stand on Circle Will Receive GM Box

* Top 5 Squad Army Killer Reward GM Box

Event Schedule : Every Saturday 9pm GMT+8

PvP Last Man Standing Event Update

We have enabled PVP Last Man Standing in both Zhyper & Valhalla Server

This Event will run 4 times a day





* Zhyper Max Die Out = 1
* Zhyper Reward = 5 Cash Points Voucher
* Entrance Fee = 1x Jewel of Chaos Bundle
* Minimum Player 10
* Max Player 50


* Valhalla Max Die Out = 2
* Valhalla Reward = Random: GM Box, SS5, Add Slot, Expansion Vault, Spirit Map Compete, ETCA, Vault Expansion
* Entrance Fee = 3x Jewel of Chaos
* Minimum Player 5
* Max Player 30

Location of PVP Fight: Arena Sunken PIT

Coords: 40, 155

Increase Pentagram Trade Limit

You can now increase the trade limit of your pentagram by using Tradeable Seal

This item will drop on mini boss

Death Beam Knight

10% Drop Rate

Applicable on Zhyper & Valhalla Server.

Vault Back in Acheron

We have brought back the Vault in Acheron but Transferring Vouchers via website are just still feature for VIP Players.

Lucky Coin Update + PK Notification Fixed

Lucky Coin System has been enabled in Zhyper

Drop Rate of Lucky Coin: 1/4000

Please be reminded that only LUCKY COIN 30 Exchange Will Have Rewards!


Season 2 Pure 380 Items
Season 4 Weapons & Sets
Season 7 Weapons & Sets

All Items Has Chance To Roll +0 to +14 Item Level with 1 to 4 Excellent Options.

You can exchange Lucky Coins to Delgado NPC Found in Lorencia.

Other Update: 

* PK Notification has been Fixed, Name of Player who killed you should show on system message.
* Server Optimized, Game Should be Smoother Now.

Medusa Invasion

We have successfully deployed Medusa invasion in Zhyper

It will Invade 4 Maps

1. Lorencia

* NON PVP Servers Invasion will be @ Upper Lorencia Merchants Place
* PVP Servers Invasion will be @ Lorencia Large PVP Pit

2. Kalima

* Kalima 7 Invasion 6 Medusa Spawns

3. Acheron

* Acheron Invasion 10 Medusa Spawns

4. Peace Swamp

* VIP Exclusive Total of 16 Spawns Medusa Boss

Medusa will have 50% Chance to Drop Multiple Ancient Items

T1 Ancients
T2 Ancients
T3 Ancients

* SS5
* ADD Slot
* Vault Expansion
* Inventory Expansion

Valhalla + 15% Exp Rate on ML for 1 Week

As Part of 3rd Month Anniversary of Valhalla Server

We are adding 15% Exp Rate on Masters Level for 1 week.

Happy Grinding!

Valhalla Update Panda & Skeleton Pet + Arena Hot Spots

Panda & Skeleton Pet will now start top drop in Blood Castle & Devil Square.

Panda Pet = + 50% Exp | Auto Loot Zen

* Drops only @ Devil Square : Drop Rate = 1/3000

Skeleton Pet = + 30% Exp | Auto Loot Zen

* Drops only @ Blood Castle : Drop Rate = 1/3000

For Combo Ring with additional 30% Exp

Panda Ring Drop: 

* Blood Castle = 1/3000
* Devil Square = 1/2000

Skeleton Transform Ring Drop: 

* Blood Castle = 1/3000
* Devil Square = 1/2000

If you equip both Pet & Ring you will have + more bonus Exp.

These pets are consumables and cannot be healed in Valhalla Server.


Hot Spots Update: 

Arena 1 Hot Spot Re Designed and Activated

Swamp of Calmness For VIP Map Updated with 3x Mobs Density

Added few spots in Karutan 1 & Karutan 2

Server 4 PVP will have +1 Mob on Every Spot compare to NON PVP

Land of Trials for Castle Lords Will have Medusa Spawn every 6 hours instead of 12

* Medusa Drop Rate on LOT Increased Drop Rate
* Kundun Will Drop 5 Max Ancient instead of 3 if success drop.


SS Mono +2 +3 +4 will now start to drop in Blood Castle & Devil Square

+2 1/1000
+3 1/2000
+4 1/3000

Lucky Coin Update

1. Lucky Coin Update

* Lucky Coin Drop Rate Lowered
* 380 Items Found on Lucky 30 Can now roll up to full options 
* 380 Items on Lucky 30 Max Item Level +6

2 New Mysterious Box

* Mysterious Box will drop S1 to S3 Items from 1 Opt to Full Options
* Mystery Box will only drop from boss raids just like GM Box
* Mysterious Box will not drop 380 Items (380 Items are Lucky Coin Exclusive)

Mysterious Box - S1 to S3 Items Except for 380 Items
Lucky Coin - Exclusive 380 Items
GM Box - S4 to S7 Items

All Items Full Options can now be obtained in Valhalla Server


Duel Masters Weekly Battle

We are introducing a New weekly battle in Valhalla, this is your time to shine and be called DUEL MASTER in your respective class, a Champion! Rules: °No SM Teleport °No Shield for BK °No Pentagram 1st Phase: °Round Robin Elimination °Race to 3 Every match °Top 4 Pointers will advance to the next phase 2nd Phase: °#1 seed will fight #4 seed °#2 seed will fight #3 seed °Race to 5 Every match °Winner of both match will fight in the Finals °Winner of the Finals will advance to the Championship Match. CHAMPIONSHIP: °2nd Phase Winner will face the Defending Champiom °Race to 7 °Winner will be the Week's Duel Master Reward: 8GM Box

Starting Date: September 9 2017 , 4:00PM GMT+ 8 (Every Saturday 4:00PM GMT+ 8)


Gens War Enabled

Gens War has been enabled on Valhalla Server

Winning Gens will have all members +25% Exp Rate and + 5% Drop with Ancient Items

BD, DS & Lucky Coin Update

Few Changes.

* Ribbon Boxes will now only drop on Devil Square (Complete S1 to S3 | 1 to 4 exe opt items)
* Lucky Tickets will now only drop on Blood Castle (Tier 2 Items Ticket Exchange)
* Ribbon Boxes Item Drop Has Chance to roll +2 to +10 Item Level
* Items Drop From Ribbon is only 40% Chance

* Lucky Coin 380 Items has now chance to roll +1 to +13 Item level (Pure 380 Items | 1 to 4 Exe Opts For 30 Coin Exchange)

Server Capacity Increased

We have increased the max users of Valhalla Servers to accommodate more players.

Valhalla was reaching 450 players and we have adjusted it now to 600!

We thank you for your never ending support to our server! 

This will motivate us more to keep on improving!

Zhyper MU has been around for over a decade. Without the players, we wouldn't have lasted this long, and as such, we want to do all we can to keep the players happy.

We are always listening to the opinions of players on what we can do to improve the server, and while we understand that our services aren't always the best, and that our server isn't 100% bug free, we'd like to assure you that we are always doing our best to make this game fun for everyone.

If you belive you have good ideas on how to improve our server, you may do so via the following methods:

1. Post a suggestion on the forums. You can do that in THIS SECTION. Alternatively you can discuss an idea in THIS SECTION.

2. Send an email to senior staff members. These are the following relevant staff members who could help you with suggestions and ideas:

Nocturnal - [email protected] - Administrator and Owner of the server, Nocturnal can help with most technical issues on the server.

Holmes - [email protected] - Assistant Administrator Holmes is in charge of all seniors and can take ideas and suggestions on new services.

DarkGod - [email protected] - Community Manager DarkGod is in charge of the forum side of Zhyper. Any ideas or questions you have about the forums can go to his inbox.

GLAMOUR - [email protected] - Community Manager GLAMOUR is (Same as DarkGod) in charge of the forum side of Zhyper. Any ideas or questions you have about the forums can go to his inbox.