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We have added Killer Sets with New Rings for Lower Package Price Removing Wings Weapons off the package so we can set this to lower price, you can still buy those weapons in cash shop and would sum the same as the old package before.

On BA Packs we have added 2 Consumable Rings

* Ring of Grudge FO
* Ring of Destruction FO

These items cannot be repaired & Consumables.


With the request & demands of donors having their donated penta 4 slot and no time to farm radiance add slot we will be adding Add Slot Radiance for Entire December only this is your chance for easy 5 Slot Penta & after this December we will remove it and this will be totally be 100% player market

Tetra will be the same available for entire December Only.

Login on Website & Click Instant Donation Shop

Radiance Add Slot & Tetra will be available for Cash Points Purchase @ Instant Donation Shop

Link: Instant Donation Shop 

Thank You,


ZhyperMU Network Team


Zhyper & Valhalla to Compensate your SS5 & Elemental Rank downgrade and for you be able to recover faster in tetra building we are buffing these drop rate for entire December 




  • Increased Drop Rate Jewel of Chaos
  • Increased Drop Rate Jewel of Creation
  • Increased Drop Rate Elemental Rune
  • Increased Drop Rate Mithril Fragments
  • Increased Drop Rate Mono Di & Tri Sphere
  • Tetra Crystal Added to Drop Table : Debenter | Uruk | Nars










  • Increased Spawn Rate of MuuN Eggs
  • Added Spawn of MuuN Eggs on Swamp VIP Map


Valhalla Gold Server is now Online & Improved Drop Rates.

Thank You,



ZhyperMU Network Team


We are giving Special Prize for this coming Saturday Castle Siege 09/12/2017

Winning Alliance Will Receive: 

5x Evil Blood Angel Gear of Choice For the Whole Alliance
5x Radiance Slot for Pentagram adding 5th Slot!
30x MuuN Regular Eggs
10x Rare Muun Eggs
5x Exotic Muun Eggs
10x Ring of Destruction (Cannot be Repaired, Consumable Item)



Thank You,


Zhyper Network Team


Seed Sphere Drop Table: 





  • Mono (SS lvl 1)

All Maps - 1/1000 | 1/2000 (Valhalla)








  • Di (SS lvl 2)

All Maps - 1/1500 | 1/3000 (Valhalla)







  • Tri (SS lvl 3)

Debenter, Uruk & Nars - 1/2000 | 1/4000 (Valhalla)







  • Tetra (SS lvl4)

Medusa | Kundun | Relic Nightmare | (Zhyper & Valhalla)

Mono to Tri will also drop in Castle Deep Invasion Event @ Server 12 with 30% Higher Drop Rate.





Here are some video guide:


Seed Sphere+3 into Seed Sphere+4: CLICK ME


[ZMU] Unsocket Seed Sphere: CLICK ME


Addtional video guide by Hitslah:


Making Tetra Seed Sphere: CLICK ME


Details guide by CM GLAMOUR here: CLICK ME


Thank You,


Zhyper Network Team


We are enforcing force patch with a lot of fixes & improvements, please make sure you run your green auto updater "Play ZhyperMU Season 10" In order to connect to server.

This is 5mb Auto Patch Only when you run Updater.

If any player having problem running green updater you can download this 5mb patch manually, extract to your main game folder and overwrite everything.

Also please check this thread for additional info:

Thank You,

Zhyper Network Team


Evil Blood Angel Gears are now Available for Donation @ Zhyper Server Only.







The Evil Blood Angel Gears Listed are on Promo Price with Exclusive Bonus Items!


What will you get from the package:

Evil Blood Angel Helm (Full Options + Full Ancient)

Evil Blood Angel Armor (Full Options + Full Ancient)

Evil Blood Angel Pants (Full Options + Full Ancient)

Evil Blood Angel Gloves (Full Options + Full Ancient)

Blood Angel Boots FO (Blood Angel Ancient Does not come with Boots Except for MG & RF)

Ring of Valhalla +15 + Full Options +7% HP Rec + 17% Chance to Resist Stun

4 Complete MuuN Eggs

1x Common Egg

1x Rare Lucky Egg

1x Rare Flame Egg

1x Exotic Gold Goblin Egg


How to Use Instant Donate?

1. Login on Website

2. Click Instant Donation

3. Select Your Items or Package

4. Click Buy via Paypal

5. After Paying Go Back to Website Instant Donation page

6. Click CLAIM

Login in Game and Items or Package Items Will be Inserted to Vault Instantly, This Avoids Waiting time for Email Request Donations.



Cash Points Donation Promo!



Donate for 100$ worth of Cash Points & Get Bonus of 100 Cash Points!



- After Donating using Paypal or Any Donation Method



* Send email to [email protected] with your donation details and promo code: CPX82KAGAW



* After Verifying Your Payment We will add the Extra 100 Cash Points to Your Account



* This is Valid for 100$ Straight Donation Only (Cannot Accumulate Amounts)












You can still donate via Money Agent Method



We Accept:

Western Union


ML Kwarta Padala

Cebuana Lhulier


Palawan Express

Send Donation To:

Name: Jennifer Asuncion Valenzuela

Address: Antipolo, Philippines

After Sending Donation Email [email protected] with the followng:

Sender Name:

Sender State/Country:

Amount Sent:

Money Control Code:

Login Name:

Package Wanted:

Please attached Photo or Scanned Copy of The Receipt

Agent Money Donation Can take up to 24 hours as we need to verify donations from branch.

Currency Converter:




















We are now accepting bitcoin as method of donation.









  • Check Items Donation Prices on our Donation Page

  • You can convert USD$ to BitCoin Here

  • Send the BitCoin Amount to Zhyper BitCoin Wallet Address

  • Email [email protected] with following info:




* Login Name



* Items Wanted



* Payment Blockchain Link






ZhyperMU BTC Wallet Address - 3MBqpcYoH7rkE3ev7DVXrCRBuYgVyqCxfg






You can donate for any items, package or cash points using Bitcoin!









Donation Promo Ends December 31, 20017

Thank You,



Zhyper Network Team


Zhyper & Valhalla Season 10 Update Coming to Live Database @ 11pm GMT+8 Tonight! (11/26/2017)











Download Mirror 1: Download via Drop Box



Download Mirror 2: Download via MediaShare



Download Mirror 3: Download via Google Drive



Download Mirror 4: Download via Mega









Test Server is Running @ Server 13 with November 21 Database. ( Server 13 is Test Server ONLY!)






Players / Accounts who were banned with 1st offense and with non 3pp record will be pardoned & unbanned!












Thank You,



Zhyper Network Team






ZhyperMU Season 10 Part 3 Update






Zhyper Mu Online Season 10









ZhyperMU has been updated with Season 10 Episoide 3!






You will need to download Season 10 Client in order to Play.






All Characters, Items & Data are 100% Safe on Update!






Tons of new content awaits you in game as this is 2 update season content (S9 & S10)












Main Content Features:






  • New Character Grow Lancer

  • New Character Skills

  • New Blood Angel Gears for Every Class

  • 75 New MuuN Pets with Great Option Attributes

  • Exotic Mountable MuuN Pets (CTRL+Z)

  • Dark Horse & Fenrir Inventory Equip (Right Click to Equip)

  • You can now use Dark Horse + Imp or Demon at the same time!

  • New Charm & Idol Buffs

  • New Boss Raids - Golden Kundun | Golden HellMaine | Golden Erohim | Lord Silvester | Core Magriffy

  • New Maps - Mt. Uruk & Nars Hunt Zone

  • Improved Game Client UI

  • Succubus Set Fixed & Can be equipped by Grow Lancer

  • Many more awaits you in game! Download now & Discover Season 10

  • Game Client now Supports Spanish & Portuguese Language ( Please select language settings on launcher)

  • Vouchers Can now Be Stored in Vault Directly from Game

  • T2 Lucky Items Can now Be Stored in Vault Directly from Game

  • All Lucky Tickets Can now be Stored in Vault & Traded













Problem with no font showing box text in game?









Solution: Go to Folder "Square Font Bug Fix" Find the file ARIALUNI.TTF in your game folder, Right click & Click Install










For more info & support please visit our forum:












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