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September Community News!
¬ News & Announcements 3 October, 2014
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As we all know, the server was converted from the common version of "MU" to "Ex700Plus". Lots of things was changed and more stuffs were added in-game. Due to the changes, a war between the satisfied and unsatisfied players occurred and defended their beliefs and knowledge about the changes that took place in the server. After the said war, both parties are now at ease and the conflicts were solved.

Based on the "general discussion", the community is now smaller in population than before. But the question is, why did it become smaller? Some of the players testified that it was because of the bugs and hacks on "Ex700Plus"; they do not like the new stuff because it became like a childish game for them, they are not satisfied with the services given to them and they experience a very difficult time downloading the client because it crashes in the middle of the download and there where PC desktop or laptop compatibility issues . There is this post that said, "It was time to stop playing because they are now grown ups and real life has become more meaningful to them. On a thread entitled "Active and Inactive Player", there was a photo that showed the difference between the community before and the community now where all servers was flooded by players, unlike today.

In "ChatBox", there were Premium Tag Holders who talked about the changes and one of them said that "Season 4" was the greatest season ever, but another player told them that since before there were already bugs and hacks which people never stop complaining about. Then one of them pointed out that the Administrator and members of the Staff are humans like us, who also get tired and have their real life to deal with as well. It is just a game that you should not spend most of your time on. Lastly, they said that one part of being human is growing up and getting older, that when the right time comes, we will all eventually quit cyber gaming and focus more on our real life responsibilities.


It hasn't been long since ZhyperMU was upgraded to Ex702. Some happy with the upgrade, others quite disappointed. Regardless of everyone’s feelings, ZhyperMU is moving forward and doing so strongly by adding a competitive twist on the new Elemental System.

We all know that so far, the Elemental System has been severely lacking in both PvM and PvP. The majority part of this problem was in the fact that the Elemental System was designed for a low stats, low experience server, with only a fraction of the level-up points accessible for ZhyperMU players. Well, that’s no longer the case.

Administrator Nocturnal has declared clear intent to improve the Elemental System to a point where it becomes a crucial item in both PvM and PvP. He has chosen to tackle this issue by increasing the overall damage that the Elemental System deals in both game modes. Of course, everyone has overjoyed by such improvement in what would have otherwise been a completely useless system, but it is not yet certain what such drastic changes to the Elemental System could do to the overall state of the game.

Being fair, this change is nothing but an improvement in terms of PvM game play. However, a lot of our Elite members are PvP fanatics, who always strive to be the best among the best. The recent upgrade of the Elemental System had increased the standard of "optimal gearing" which means that many of those people who simply wanted to PvP, are now forced to hunt or purchase another item, which in recent days is rather pricey and not easy to obtain.

Methods of obtaining such items vary from hunting it down, and attempting to upgrade it yourself with a high chance of failure, purchasing from another player who has already gone through the perils of upgrading the item to a desirable level, or donating for it via the donation system.

That being said, all methods are pricey and risky. With the Pentagram unable to be traded among your own characters without taking a chance to lose your Errtels, one would have to purchase or make multiple Pentagrams, and if you are the type to use many characters across several accounts, be ready to empty your pockets. Many players are asking for at least the option to trade fully completed Pentagrams, but no news has been released about such changes as of yet.

However, there is one other issue, that may indeed bother others. At the start of Ex702, if the stars aligned and the moon shone down while Lady Luck sang you a serenade, one would be able to get a rare drop. This drop would be a 5-slot Pentagram. Several of these Pentagrams are rumored to be present in-game, and with the future changes that will be coming to the Elemental System, one can only assume that these Pentagrams will be extremely expensive, and more effective in PvM and PvP.
It is no longer possible to obtain a 5-slot Pentagram, not even via donations, which would mean that those who had the luck to obtain one in early release, could potentially have an extra advantage over everyone else. How big is that advantage? That remains to be seen.

Another unforeseen problem would be that returning players would find it hard to get back into a competitive level of PvP, due to the fact that they are lacking such an important piece of what will then be called optimal gear. That may be due to lack of fund, or lack of time, but it’s definitely a big change from past seasons, and not an easy transition to make. As many have noticed in recent months, ZhyperMU is getting quieter as times go by. It makes one truly wonder if we can afford to make such updates that could potentially drive away returning players.

So what do you think Zhyperians? Will the Elemental System be the savior of our server, or will it be the straw that broke the camel’s back? You can be the judge.



Administrator Nocturnal announced about the limited donation promo that contains “Full Option Package Gears”, “Full Option Tier 2 Evil Gears”, “Cash points Donation”, and “New Pentagram and Elemental Donations”.

To get 100 Cash points including the 4th level wing, you must donate a “Full Option Package Gear” that contains: one set, two weapons, two rings, one pendant, one shield, one wing, and five-hundred jewel of souls as a bonus. All of these items are full options with items of your choice. It costs one-hundred fifteen dollars [$115].

If you donate a “Full Option Tier 2 Gear”, you will be given: rings, pendant, shield, 3rd level wing and 50 cash points as a bonus. “Full Option Tier 2 Gear” is a full option ancient set. All items are also full options and items of your choice. This donation costs one-hundred-forty dollars [$140].

Fifty cash points this time will be given if a donation of a “Full Option Set” is made. This donation includes any full option set from season 1 to present. This donation costs fifty dollars [$50].

You may also receive a bonus of 150 cash points if an instant donation of one-hundred dollars for two-hundred cash points is made.

Lastly, the pentagram and elemental donations. These donation items are new. “Pentagram with four sockets that Errtels ranks in 3 plus 10 and in 15th level” can be donated for only one-hundred fifty dollars [$150]. Any mountable slots available, including: 1234, 1345, 1235, and 2345. “One Errtel Rank 3 +10” is also available in this limited donation. It cost thirty-five dollars [$35]. When you order for this donation, you will receive 5 items in your vault and you get the privilege to merge them whether it be fire, water, earth, darkness, and wind elements.

This donation promo ends on the 2nd day of October 2014. What are you waiting for? Donate now before it ends.


A couple of updates have been announced by Administrator Nocturnal lately. The first update tackles about pentagram element having damage buff and has activated its damage against non-pentagram players. This update gives an emphasis to the importance of pentagram for players in-game.

Community Manager Mishel have also announced an update regarding skills that have been buffed. These skills include Rageful Blow and Strike of Destruction (Ice) of BK, Multi-Shot of Elf and Decay of Wizards. The update was made to ensure the skill balance for each character class in-game especially in PVP wherein most of the players are complaining about being 1 hit or players using Full option items but getting killed by players with 2-option gears.

In line with this skill update, a survey was conducted. This survey will also support whether our beloved players in-game do like the updates or not. One of the game experts in the community was asked to take the survey. He can be called a genius in terms of the nature of the game and he is also a member of the Wiki team, the team who creates guides for the community. Altruist was asked with a question, Will this update bring good or bad effects to the server and its players? “Regarding the Certain Skills being Buffed, It could be a 50-50 Ratio of it being good or bad. We have to test it in-game to see for ourselves if it brought good or bad effects in the PvP System. If the PvP System became balanced with the help of this update, then it is good. We all are aiming for a fair and balanced PvP System wherein our skills, gears, PC build, talents and strategies will determine our success. As I have observed, the skills buffed are the main Skills used by some characters. Decay is used as a main skill for wizards besides Ice Storm Skill. Multi-Shot is being used by most of the elves in this server. Rageful Blow and Strike of Destruction are the skills Blade Masters now are fond of using especially when doing combos since they have elements like Earth (Rageful Blow) and Ice(Strike of Destruction which can give you advantage over your opponents.”, he answered. On the other hand, I have also asked our Game Master Team Leader Xhiketzu on how the players in-game respond on this update and he said, “This will update is for good and for well balanced, ADMINs are always go for balancing the server. So I think they will work on it if it’s for the sake of balancing, this will be for good. And for sure many players will be happy on this update.”

In conclusion, these updates received mixed opinions from players. Some may say that they don't like this update and some said that they do for the reason that they want balance in-game in terms of PVP. We can also say that equilibrium is what our players wanted. Players want the game to be balanced and stabilized but sometimes we cannot avoid imbalances in-game in some aspects. However, rest assured that the Administrators are working hard in order to give you a pleasant journey in playing the game.


Lately, updates and bug fixes have been announced by Administrator Nocturnal to inform the community on some fixes made regarding current bugs the server have been experiencing. There are also some major game updates made in order to stabilize the game and satisfy the needs of the players.

As you can see, there are numerous people who were satisfied regarding the updates made. It leaves a big impact on the community wherein GM LAHNLORD said, “They already cleared about this Major Game Update and I feel that the player’s in-game/ Zhyperians are already enjoying this Game Update and they PMing me that this is good and for me this Update make our new Updated Server very nice and very neat for me.”

On the other hand, Xarius said, “It's feels good and in my opinion it is quite good at this time but except no19. Summoner Ref Bug Re-evaluated and nerfed (Please observe), And also the drop rate of Zen. I feel disappointed about these Updates, for now just wishing that our ADMIN can fix this, I Observe that some problems are FIXED so nothing to worry."

Going deeper to what Nocturnal have announced, here is a summary which can guide you on further understanding some changes made.

First of all, regarding the Master Level Mastery Skills, adding the bonus points of Master Level Strengtheners has already been fixed as well as the correct rate of Master Level Automatic AG Recovery Increase. Likewise the Calculation stat of Master Level Add Energy and Master Level Soul Barrier Mastery not absorbing damage causing big Mana and Crash experiences on Imperial Guardian event, lucky item exploits and Summon skill exploit as well as elemental inventory.

Auto remove bad Errtel index, Pentagram with Errtel that cannot be put in vault and chaos machine are also fixed. Initial bonus option for dropped socket items is removed while Attack miss rate for the Rage Fighter class and Gladiators glory buff are added. Gens war mechanics, monster spawn time 5 minutes are also updated. MUGuard checks the characters stats is altered and visual bug on Kanturu event are gone. Summoner’s reflect bug skills has been re-evaluated and nerfed out.

These are some of the major updates and fixes applied and patched. More updates are expected to come, be patient and cooperate on making the game suiting as possible.


Two new functionality, Move Items to Vault and Clear Inventory, have been added to ZhyperMU's website which was announced by Administrator Nocturnal last Saturday, September 13, 2014. This update aims to provide an alternative solution to bugged items occupying a character's inventory.

With the Move Items to Vault feature, immovable items, like Tier 2 items, can now be transferred from inventory to vault.

On the other hand, the Clear Inventory feature deletes all non-equipped items in the main inventory only, which means it will not remove items that are equipped, in the Personal Store and in the Expanded Inventory. Master Key is required for clearing the character inventory to prevent accidental deletion of items, since the process is irreversible once done.

Nocturnal also points out that in order to use these features, players must log in first on
www.zhypermu.com using Firefox browsers.

The ZhyperMU Community were pleased with this update wherein Senpai, a forumer, posts, "free service. tested and confirmed... now i can hunt kundun again... thanks a lot sir..."

Tier items bug is proving to be the most challenging issue this new season, EX700. This website update is an admirable effort made by the ZhyperMU Administration to provide a workaround to this problem. But of course, some players are still waiting for its complete resolution, i.e. Tier items being movable and tradable as normal.


Massive commendations from the ZhyperMU Community are being received by Administrator Nocturnal upon his announcing of the increase in pentagram's damage last September 12, 2014. From 200 to 400, the elemental damage is now ranging from 1,500 to 3,000, with a promise to increase it to 5,000 to 7,000 in the future, when most players already have their pentagrams. He also states that this damage works on PvM and PvP, and damage to non-elemental players is also activated. Recall that pentagram damage to non-elemental players is 120%.

Nocturnal stresses that elemental damage is important because it deals damage to an opponent on top of the normal, critical, excellent and reflect damages. He also points out that this update is aimed to make the elemental damage strategic, especially during crucial PvPs.

Although most of the community's reactions to this update are positive, there are some who express their realizations and concerns.

Forum user gelot says, "ah so the thread is right that having a pentagram doesn't have a big effect in PVP (before)..."

Chriz22 quotes, "too many 1 hitter then you will add this kind of damage not good..."

But nevertheless, this update brings about a noticeable surge in demand for pentagrams and Errtels, which is a good thing for the game's economy. Forum marketer Neik, a popular seller of pentagrams and Errtels, says the demand greatly increased after the update, and consequently, the price of the ingredients and the end-products themselves also went up.


Everyone loves good news and that's a fact! Last September 28, 2014 announcement was made by Administrator Nocturnal regarding fixes on new items that will surely make all players mostly PK enthusiasts in-game be delighted.

Before anything, if you don't know what is and how to make pentagrams, you can refer to the ZhyperWiki so you can learn. First part of the update is about the maximum additional damage of 23 000 to 32 000, a significant increase on your total damage. You can easily take down all your opponents when you have this. On the other part of the update, you will no longer worry on trading and moving your Pentagrams for its lost issue has already been fixed. Plus, VIP server will also have a drop rate increase on 4-slot Pentagrams. Another update is about the issue about the unmovable items on your inventory; now, you can move your locked items easily by just using the item transfer on our site. Just log-in and click move items to vault then click on character you want to transfer it's items on the vault then select the items that you want to transfer.

Another great addition to the new patch is that mounting and unmounting of Errtels on Pentagram is now 100% functional just like putting and removing your seed spheres. Before the update, you are scared whenever you mount/unmount Errtels on your pentagrams because it might get lost. But now, you don't need to be scared because this issue has already been fixed. This is for the reason that the Administration knows how players would like to change or mix their Errtels every now and then.


Items Equivalent
1 Soul 2 Bless
1 JOH 1 Soul
2 Gemstones 1 Soul
1 Black Pet 440-500 Souls (range)
1 Black Pet 300 JOH
1 Black Pet 300 HRS
1 FT of SOL 1-2 Black Pets (range)
1 Gold Pet 10-12 Black Pets (range)
20 cash points 17-20 Black Pets (range)
1 ss+5 (w/ seeds) 4-5 Black Pets (range)
1 ss+5 (w/o seeds) 3-4 Black Pets (range)

Changes are unexpected. All of us have priorities and real life events that we are kept busy at. In some occasions, there will be times when real life activities would have big conflicts with our leisure and entertainment, which pleasures us over cyber gaming and networking. For example, some of the members of the ZhyperMU staff were unable to accomplish their duties due to hectic schedules on school, work, family, and other needs. It has been a trend that each week, a new batch of recruits are being hired and some current ones resigned.

On the first week of August 2014, new batch of staff recruits, resignation and promotion have transpired. New batch of Test Game Masters came, namely: GEIISANITY, LAHNLORD, jazzguzi, and Hamster. Another batch of new Game Masters was promoted, they are: LokeTheLion, Nightmare, and Shicihimon (Pokemon). Four current Game Masters on the other hand stepped down from their positions namely: MisterFOX, Amix, Mitz, and PhilyahSham. However, several months after MightyMok resigned, the Forum Council decided to reinstate him back and promote as Test Head Game Master.

Meanwhile, in the Moderator Team’s update, Jhem took a leave from his tasks as a moderator due to his internet connection problem. Likewise, DonQuixote decided to step down from his position because of work demands.

Second week of August came and another promotion and resignation occurred. On the Test Game Master batch: Hamster submitted his resignation letter to his respective team leader due to lack of time management in fulfilling his tasks. To compensate for the loss of one individual from the work force, one new Test Game Master was promoted whose recognized at TGM Milk. Game Master Team Leader .CL0CKWISE decided to have a temporary leave due to personal and family problems, he will be back as soon as possible once he gets settled with matters requiring his full attention.

While in the Journalist Team update, the position for Lead Journalist was appointed to Ambassador who also served as a Forum Moderator. He will be responsible for Journalist Team management.

Game Master Team Leaders, members of GFX Team and one Test Game Master stepped down from their ranks on the third week of August. To address that, the Forum Council together with respective Team Leaders, a new batch of GFX recruits were picked and reinstated; Avin, Jonas, JMarion, JinRiPark, and Scootaloo are now gone from the team and Decivious, Iration, former GFX’ers: .Azil and CaptainJM was picked to make up and compensate the GFX Team work force.

Wherein in the GM Team, GMTL Xhiketzu took a leave for a while due to personal problems, and GMTL CL0CKWISE came back to continue his community duties once again. The resignation update of TGM GEIISANITY was posted by HGM 4Goth10. He resigned due to his personal issues together with school works.

On the fourth and last week for that month, we also had some news with the Wiki Team, Test Moderator Batch, and the Moderator Team update. Jerome from the Wiki Team stepped down because of his career and unable to continue his tasks for the community. Test Moderator Joshi also stepped down due to her real life problems and challenges and primarily because of her constraints within the team. Therthyra and FriendZone on the other hand passed their test periods for the past few weeks as Test Moderators and now promoted as fully pledged Moderators.



Everybody was really surprised about the comeback of our former Game Master, GM Team Leader, Moderator, Lead Moderator and Lead Journalist, Ambassador.

We can say that Ambassador was a GREAT member of the Staff. Why? Let's make a throwback. Ambassador joined the staff team in 2007 and that was 7 years ago . Can you now imagine how Ambassador made his way as a senior staff? He resigned last year(2013) after serving the community for quite a long time. When he stepped down back then, he was Lead Moderator and Lead Journalist. Yes, 2 teams with the same head.

Enough for the throwback and let's proceed with the happenings after Ambassador's ultimate comeback. He was re-hired as Moderator by Lead Moderator Firefox last July 29, 2014 and was welcomed not only by his co-staffs but as well as the whole community. Another good thing about it was that last August 11, 2014 when additional responsibility has been given to Ambassador. He was again hired as Lead Journalist by Community Manager Mishel so that the Journalist Team can perform their tasks well with his guidance. But wait, there's more! Two weeks ago, Lead Moderator rOxy had internet connections problem. Due to that problem, she can't do her tasks as Lead Moderator on our forum and the position needs to be filled in. Ambassador was promoted as a Lead Moderator by CM Mishel to take over on the tasks left by rOxy.

His position before is similar to his position now. Ambassador is again the head of 2 teams, the Moderator Team along with FireFox and the Journalist Team. We are hoping that he can manage those teams well and that he will not be tired of serving our community.



On September 09, 2014 Community Manager Mishel had announced that Head Game Master Cry will be on a 2 week leave due to his hectic schedule and upcoming exams that makd him struggle on being online in forum and in-game do his tasks.

He felt unhappy to leave the team on the time that his co-staff needed his help. He made a great contribution in the community by being a very active and helpful senior staff. Also, he made sure to make every member happy from every events he made and gives an extra hand to those who needed his guidance.

Every member of the community paid their respects by wishing him good luck and thanking him for all the things he'd done. An unexpected leave from him shocked everyone, it's like a nightmare that just happened. The community got no choice but to let him go so that he can focus on what he has to do in his personal life. The community will be forever thankful for all his contributions.

As the position needs to be filled in, iReject was once again assigned as Head Game Master to cover things up as to alleviate HGM Cry's absence. All are glad of iReject's comeback as he could continue helping the Zhyperians regarding their in-game reports.

A couple of weeks passed when HGM Cry finished attending on his real life issues, he is now ready to get back on his tag and serve the community again on September 27, 2014. On the other hand, iReject will also continue serving the community but he will now be joining the Moderator Team.


A new batch of Test Moderators was announced by Lead Moderator Ambassador on September 05, 2014. They will be responsible for taking care of forum threads, enforce forum rules whenever is needed, host events, and participate in on-going discussions. The newly recruited Test Moderators are Akashi, CL0CKWISE, Mrlieu and Ninja. They are expected to be on a 2 week training period to learn their task and as soon as possible would serve as Full Moderators.

Others were shocked and didn't expect to be hand-picked by our Lead Moderator Ambassador. Some of them were picked as they have past experiences being a staff in our community and they have contributed quite a lot in our forum. All were happy to be assigned as a Test Moderator as they can spend their time on something they love doing.

Cl0CKWISE was once a Game Master Team Leader who helped and hosted events for the entertainment of the players in-game. He resigned from his position on August 08,2014 due to his personal problems. Co-staff and members of the community were saddened that a great staff has to leave. Most of the community members has wished him good luck as he face his personal problems that hinders him to continue as a GMTL.

Akashi also served as a Game Master of the community. As a Game Master, he found it quite difficult and had to go through some disciplinary actions. Now that he is part of the new Test Moderators, he will make sure not to make the same mistake again and be a full-fledged Moderator.

MrLieu was a former member of the Wiki Team who was recruited by Community Manager Mishel last May 27, 2014. He spent his time creating articles about guides, information, updates and advises about in-game and forum in the Wiki Main Site. He could make history as one of the most active Wiki Pioneer as he almost created all the articles in the Wiki site.

Ninja was recruited as a Test Game master on July 17,2013. However, he couldn't manage his busy schedule due to his military stuff that he decided to resign last August 02, 2013.

The Test Moderators passed their training and are now recognized as Full Moderators. Moreover, .Haron is also back in the team after a month long vacation. The ZhyperMU Community is delighted to have the guys in the staff team.


On September 11, 2014, Lead Moderator Ambassador had announced some changes in the GFX Team regarding Aries, .Avin, Neon, JMarion, CaptainJM, .Azil and Decivios.

First and foremost, they are great GFX members who spent their time and skills to make everything that ZhyperMU members requested in the GFX Request Zone. Their tasks includes making signatures, avatar and anything that could beautify our forum profile. They are the ones who are responsible for any GFX works which they do very well.

It was surprising that some of them had to leave but they also have interesting additions to their team. It was Aries who has to leave first as he could no longer manage the team anymore. He had brought good service for the community for more than two years. He was promoted as Test GFXer on May 23, 2012 and on June 09, 2012 he was promoted as a full member of the GFX Team. He took a leave for weeks but immediately returned on September 2, 2012. He then found himself resigning on 27th of September 2012 but once again reinstated as a GFXer on October, 31 2012. On April, 29 2013 he was finally promoted as Head GFX. However, just this year he was deemed to be replaced due to his lack of definite time in managing the GFX Team. In terms of having GFX skills, he is one of the best and well praised of the community.

As the team needs to be rebuilt, Forum Seniors appointed .Avin to take the position of Head GFX, whom they will be working hand in hand in restoring the GFX Team to be at full control from this day forward. .Avin has been part of the GFX Team before but due to his inactivities he has to vacate his position. It was a rough time for him but he made a comeback on June 24, 2014 to serve the community once again. Since the team needed more manpower, Neon and JMarion were added to the team as well. Both were once in the team but in two different periods. JMarion was a Game Master who had a great help in forum and in-game but had to step down from his duty due to his real life schedules. On the other hand, Neon was with the GFX Team and on July 07, 2014 he joined the GM team.

For the other good news, CaptainJM and .Azil managed to stay in the team to serve and work hard for the community. They were given full support to do their task and manage to stay in the team. Sadly, another bad news arrived and that is when Decivious was forced to be dismissed due to lack of time.

The community will always be forever grateful to those who provides their free time to serve the community and wish them well on facing a big future ahead.

Forum Senior Staffs have come up with the decision to bring back the old design of forum tags.

If we can remember last year, there had been debates regarding the change of forum tags that corresponds our forum rank which can be seen below our names (or usertitle if you are subscribed in one). A Forum Tag Designer's Competition has been opened by Community Manager Mishel on April 22, 2013. The idea came up because it has been long since the management decided for the tags to have a new look. Moreover, this was to give a chance for the community's graphic artists to showcase their works and have the honor of seeing it on every user profile field.

It was a tough battle between 15 designs and the community was privileged to cite their comments and suggestions about the designer's works. After the public discussion and deliberation within senior staffs, Shikamaru's (Jhem) work emerged to be the major favorite and made him the winner of the event. However, tags have to be changed again for some reason.

The public had its share of sentiments about the new design, both negative and positive. The majority didn't agree with the changes so the tag had to go through revisions until it can fit in on the forum background and the over-all forum theme. Guild tags have to be removed as well and replaced with the same design as the new ones. Guild Hall Owners and Moderators were given the opportunity to select a custom color for their guild tag.

After more than a year of animated and shiny metallic tags in use, we are back to the old but simple and not too space consuming tags. Many forum users prefer these good old tags for it does not burden the eyes and it doesn't ruin their postbit backgrounds. Guild tags adapted the changes too; aside from the Guild Hall Owners' freedom to select a custom guild tag color, they can now also select a custom logo next to their guild names.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
~Leonardo da Vinci


Rollbacks have always become a frustration to individual gamer and players. It implies a lot of change either good or bad in several ways and also brings more tasks for the seniors to fix.

Last month, Community Manager Mishel announced a forced rollback in forum due to forum hard disk crash. Important files and data threads were empty and not saved especially in private halls which left Forum Heads with no other choice but to force a rollback of 12 hours at the least.

Both advantage and disadvantage are at the most present in every update. The advantage here and most beneficial are the files and threads that were retrieved while a disadvantage of it was the loss of post counts, newly made forum and subscription requests, previous subscription threads which was granted already, and other parts of the forum that required catching up.



With 870,158 points as of September 20, 2014, KurupT is hailed as the top Gens contributor based in the official ZhyperMU Rankings. He can usually be found in Server 4 Atlans near the vault. KurupT is based in the Province of Laguna, Philippines. He is a Blade Master (BM) in-game with a real life couple owner. Yes, you read it right, KurupT's pilot is his real-life partner whom he have 2 beautiful daughters with.

The Journalist Team is lucky to have the chance of interviewing KurupT's male owner. KurupT recently joined THECR0W guild. According to Guild Master KarlCr0w, KurupT is a valuable member and actively participating in guild wars.

KurupT chose to be under the Vanert Gens because he already experienced becoming Grand Duke in the Duprian Gens before. He also said there are more Duprians in-game so being a Vanert will give him an advantage of having a lot of targets to kill and earn points. When it comes to being a gens contributor, he boasts of being the better BM user since whenever his wife use it, she always ended up dead.

On the other hand, he confessed that his wife is a better marketer. They haven't donated on his current account so only through buying and selling in-game that they were able to acquire his current gear, a 2-option DDREF Hegaton, 3-option HPDDREF Wind accessories and a pair 4-option SB 146060. He also have a 4-option Brave Set that he uses every now and then.

With no full option set and weapon, Zhyperians are curious on how KurupT managed to be the undisputed Gens scorer. KurupT explained that it is all because of his Master Level Skills (ML) build.

"I really love my ML now because I can beat players with FO Hegaton and Brave," he added.

KurupT studied the perfect ML build for him through a lot of duels for a long period of time. Though he declined to share the screenshot of his ML build, he left a message for all players, "Just keep on trying to create the best ML for you. Because the fight now is not on sets. First, it's on ML build; Second, your combo skills; and finally, your set."

He uses the combo arrangement of 1) Death stab, 2) Twisting Slash and 3) Cyclone. KurupT believes Twisting Slash is really powerful and with his build, his only weakness is a stunner.

KurupT has been playing ZhyperMU since 2008, although there were times during that period that he stopped playing but later on returned. He is often found under different guilds since he is more active on guild wars before. At the time of the interview, he claims that he's been online in-game for a week, only shutting down the monitor while he's AFK.

When asked about the new season, he stated that he is generally pleased with it. He just noticed that there are fewer players these days. He is always on Server 5 before with a lot of players but now, it's almost empty. He also believes that the eX700's pentagram system, especially now that elemental damage has been increased, will be crucial in PvP. Currently using a wind type pentagram with slots 1-4-5 rank 1+10, he said that his next target would be buying a more decent pentagram.

KurupT can be viewed as a very powerful BM with an ordinary gear but an extraordinary ML build. A master on one-on-one combats, pawning and owning. Above all these, KurupT can also be called a bond. A part of an intricate link that ties two individual together and a medium where friendship and partnership unite.


As time passed by, many changes happened in-game and in forum. We might see members if the staff stepping down and some of them even gets promoted from their respective positions. In-game, as we all know, we can experience some of the current bugs and issues but rest assured that the Administration is trying to do their best to fix what is needed to be fixed.

Today, let us talk about being a Game Master Team Leader (GMTL) and what they do. They are the one who manages and coordinates within the Game Master (GM) team. GMTLs are entrusted to lead and ensure the stability of the team. For the past months, we also received some negative comments on how the GM Team works in terms of their service specifically in the GM Trade Assistance (GMTA) section. Most of the forum users said that they are slow in accommodating them. Approximately 3 out of 5 forum users have said that the service of the GM team in the past is not that good. But we cannot really avoid this kind of circumstances especially when the team lacks of manpower. Aside from that, Game Master Team Leaders are the ones who lead the GMs assigned in different groups which are Non PVP Team (Servers 1, 2, 3); PVP Team (Server 4, 5); and the Forum team (they ensure the coverage of GM tasks in forum). From time to time they also coordinate with Head Game Masters for them to be guided and prevent mistakes.

As you have noticed for the past few weeks, there were some changes in the Game Master Team which included the promotion of the new GMTL Nduongdl. He has been promoted because of his dedication and contribution to the team. The Journalist Team conducted a one on one interview with him to know the secrets behind how he managed and established a good leadership within the team. Thus, a couple of questions were asked from him as they had gone along with the conversation.

1. Being the newly promoted Game Master Team Leader of the community, what are the things you would like to ensure the players/forumers in terms of the flow of the GM Team service specifically the GMTA section?

A: As you see that we have newly [added] 3 GMs and 3 old GMs are back. So total of 6 GMs added to our team. So I believe that there is no GMTA pending in this time and also in covering the server. GM team will be active more in-game and also in Help Section of our forum.

2. How will you managed the team as a Game Master Team Leader? How could you assure that there is unity in a team in times of misunderstandings or dilemmas?

A: I will managed the team by one way only and that is "Remind them everyday".
If there is some problem in our team, first thing I'm gonna do is give them the rules. Then we will know who is wrong who is right and to be sure I will talk with them in private, guide them and tell them what to do. Also, help them with reconciliation if needed.

3. What are some of the values that a Game Master must possess in game and in forum? How will you deal forumers/players in-game when having a duty in spite of those challenges you've been experiencing as a Game Master.

A: Giving guides and help players if they have a problem or being hacked. Also, make some cool events to encourage them on helping us by voting every 12 hours. As a Game Master, we really give our best extent in helping them. Thus, helping and serving them with our utmost effort as it should be.


“Admin Noc! Please fix this…please fix that…please extend this…please look at this…please check on this…I got scammed…I donated to you last…I subscribed to the game for…I e-mailed you regarding…” and a whole lot more of messages like these are received by Administrator Nocturnal each day. Behind these messages and complaints, what do we know about how the Zhyperians feel or think about our server?

For the month of September, ZhyperMU Forum has an average of 2,000 active users with roughly only 20% of it or 400 users go online. A survey was conducted whether the players are happy or contented with how ZhyperMU is performing. With 38 respondents, 16 players strongly affirmed that they are satisfied but agreed that there is still room for improvements. A forum user said, “…boss noc is doing everything…to fix the problem…”.

"Hoping for bugs and issues fixed, and still enjoying the game”, another player said. However, another half negatively responded because of different issues like bugs unfixed, hacks and cheats freely used, bias staffs, dying market economy, too much spoon-feeding, EX702 features and mostly the unbalanced PVP setting. Six others replied that they are neither happy nor unhappy. Looking at the figures, the numbers are equal between players that are contented and disappointed. What can Nocturnal do to mitigate this alarming situation?

Another survey with the question “How long does the Administrator take before he can give his responses?” was carried out. Based on the survey, the average response time, whether it is the action needed or an email reply, happens within 12 – 24 hours. In contrast, some players have experienced 3 - 4 dead days (no response) which is unsatisfying considering it was about their donation. A player experienced filing a hack report last May 19, 2014 and until now, no reply is obtained. On the other hand, some experienced receiving what they want in an average of 3 – 5 hours. Why are there inconsistencies on his response times?

But, wait! Let do not forget about the game updates he made.

The first season of EX702 update happened last June 22, 2014. To date, there are already 30 additional updates regarding new features, improvements: increase and decrease, solutions to problems and announcements. One of the additional Master Level (ML) skills from EX702 is the Armor Set Bonus Increase. This ML skill provides additional defense for the player whenever they are equipped with a complete set, an example is a Legendary set with Helm, Armor, Pants, Boots and Gloves. However, last July 23, an update was released informing Zhyperians that Succubus pants were disabled which greatly affected the Summoners because not only that they cannot enjoy the Armor set Bonus Increase but also their Succubus set becomes useless. It's like the saying 'hitting two birds with one stone' but in a negative way.

How about the Tier 2 bugs/issues? The Administrator was aware of it since June 22, 2014 and in 6 days what was provided was a temporary solution to trade and put them on your vault. After 32 days, adding Yellow Option through the Blacksmith was made available. Also, other solutions were announced after almost three months which are the Clear Inventory and Item transfer features. Still, the issues about the Tier 2 sets are not yet fixed considering that these items are the most expensive in-game.

Summing up everything, it is evident that the Administrator is working everyday in maintaining the quality and improving the performance of the ZhyperMU server. However, due to the weight of his workloads, some problems are not being taken cared of immediately. At the end of the day, the players, being the end-users of the game, have the last words on these matters. How does the Zhyperians see this? Is the Administrator busy or lazy?


It never is a surprise when someone complains about a senior staff member. It’s never a surprise when staff members are called biased. Is it a surprise when the Filipino players of ZhyperMU are instantly classified as biased right off the bat? Apparently not.

"No offense but for me Filipino people shouldn't get HGM ranks. Too many threats and too easy to bias them" claims Zhyper Legend Hans. According to his point of view, all Filipino players are pre-disposed to being biased, or doing something really stupid. This comes as a bit of a surprise, since it was quite recently that Hans was involved in a power abuse case, in which he demonstrated that not only Filipino members can be biased or a threat to the community. However, maybe his words may have a small slither of truth.

As quite a lot of us know, the majority of the players on ZhyperMU originate from the wonderful yet perilous islands called The Philippines. Needless to say, a lot of these players aspire to become legendary staff members, and have their names shine in bright colors for ages to come after their tear-jerking resignations. But that isn't always the case. Many of them fall short of such dreams, and are forced to step down before they've realized their desires.

Well to begin our reasoning of these accusations brought forward by Hans, I would firstly like to point out that the Filipino people are definitely not rich as a country. Wages are not high, and living standards can get quite low in certain areas, so when you have nothing, you tend to look on the bright side of life a lot more. The Filipino people are happy. Yes, happy. That is their best quality, and it’s what they give to the entire community. A certain optimistic point of view that persists even through the hardest of times.

So how does this tie in with Filipino players being pre-disposed to being swayed from the path of a truly fair senior staff member? Well, happiness comes from friends. The more people you know, the closer these friends are, the more accomplished someone who has nothing else can feel. The word "family" gets thrown around quite a bit around the ZhyperMU community, but for these players, it really has a meaning. So in basis, Filipino people aren't pre-disposed to being biased, they are simply far too friendly and sometimes their nature forces them to ignore the bad side of a particular person.

With that still fresh in our minds, the senior staff members are constantly caught in a "catch 22" situation, where their personal nature conflicts with what their job asks of them. On one hand, a senior staff member is meant to be an immovable object, fair to all. On the other hand, senior staff members should also strive to maintain a connection to the regular members of the community, and should play the game as any other normal player. Now this is where the job tasks conflict. If a senior staff member joins any alliance, people will automatically assume that he will always cover for that alliance. If the senior member does not join any alliance, he will then be faced with a situation where he loses contact with the game he so much desired to improve by becoming a staff member to start with. Then what would be the point of all this?

So what should someone sacrifice for the people to be happy? Should the enjoyment of being a player on this server be dismissed just because people believe that playing in an enemy alliance automatically means favoritism? Or should one just continue to have fun, and enjoy their time on the server, because that’s why they started to play this game to start with?

Well, neither needs to be sacrificed in order to maintain a fair position and play the game at the same time. ZhyperMU is in an age where the members of the community can voice their concerns without fear of punishment or silencing. Whenever a senior staff member does something wrong, the numerous "champions of justice" and "zhyper heroes" (as nicknamed by the community) always jump up and down overjoyed with the opportunity to claim the honor of more people. This means that the Seniors cannot afford to be biased. Everything they do is judged not only by their co-seniors, but by the entire community. If questions are asked, they need to answer them. If the rules state something must be done in a certain way, they have no other option than to follow the rules. The moment that seniors ignore the rules, is the moment that they get replaced.

So to answer the main topic of this article, Filipino players are not biased by default, they are just a lot more friendly than everyone else, but they are still forced to follow the rules, the same as every other player from any nationality. If you think you get that high up by playing favorites, you've obviously never been up there. There may have been several senior members who have come off as biased, but the moment they broke the rules to help their friends, you can bet your bottom dollar that they were judged for it. All staff members work for free, so if you believe that you could do a better job than them, you are more than welcome to apply and work your way up.


As defined in our Chatbox Rules, “Chat in English Language only. One word of foreign language will result to a chat box ban.” Whenever there are rules, interpretations and questions arise. What is the “English” language? How are words considered as English language? Are all words that does not exist in the English dictionaries considered foreign? How does one really interpret the rule?

One of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) states: “How many words are there in the English language? There is no single sensible answer… It's impossible to count..., because it's so hard to decide what actually counts as a word”. As far as the global experts are concerned, English language is one of the most dynamic language. This language continues to grow and expand every minute as you read these words. No one has the ability to have the exact list of the English words.

On the other hand, how does the community define English language? Quoting some of what they said: “found in English dictionaries”, “universal”, “server’s language”, “a means to have a global understanding”, “something that keeps us connected”, “foreign language”, “spoken by majority of the world’s population”, “English words” and “most common language on earth”. It is very evident that English has multiple meanings. From the dictionaries to language, from language to communication, and from communication to understanding, English takes a very vital part in one's life.

How do the members consider something foreign? Quotations of what they said: “opposite of English”, “specific”, “didn't originate in your residence”, “other than your mother tongue”. Generally, since English is the governing language in the ZhyperMU Community Forums, anything not related to English is considered foreign. However, foreign language is also something that one's tongue is unfamiliar because of geographical location.

If the rule states that we should only chat in English language, does it mean that any deviations, e.g. “ur” instead of “your”, from the English dictionaries will result to a Chat Box ban? According to OED, internet/teenage slangs and abbreviations are still in discussion whether they count as English or not. From the perspective of Zhyperians, let me quote: “only spelling [has] changed not the thought”, “as long as [they are] understandable”, “not here to practice scholastic approach”, “meaningless”, “not found in Webster”. Majority agrees that as long as the community understands the intention, then, there is nothing wrong. One stated: “…who cannot understand them…have the tendency to commit errors”. So, do those players consider them as foreign? One may think yes and one may think no. It really depends on the majority of the populace.

However, is it really fair for a player to be ban for 10 hours upon violation of it? One stated: “[Should we not consider that our] language is evolving?” Another one said: “Rules are meant for discipline not extort freedom.” The implementation of the rules are exclusively dependent on the understanding and decision of the ZhyperMU Forum Moderators. Now, with these, one is safe to say that the first Chat Box rule is niche-free.


You tried logging into the ZhyperMU website. You already know that you need to type in www.zhypermu.com rather than zhypermu.com so that you'll only need to log-in once. However, because of slow internet connection, the Captcha code that loaded has already expired so when you type the numbers in, it directs you to an error page saying the Captcha isn't entered correctly. What a hassle! You want to support the server by voting but you can't log-in easily!

Moderator Spartan.'s suggestion aims to address this problem. He proposes to remove the website's 4-digit code security check and replace it instead with maximum of 5 log-in attempts. An overwhelming majority of those who voted on this suggestion agreed, and it has been forwarded for Seniors' approval.

Forum user Dykstra quotes, " I agree it will be an easy access to open an account and vote even when you are using a smartphone." Just imagine how convenient it will be for a player to vote for our server anywhere they go with their beloved smartphone! This is the main benefit of Spartan.'s suggestion, players' voting convenience.

But citing voting convenience as the main benefit brings about a major issue, the low votes to points ratio. Administrator Nocturnal says, "...right now there are only 12% out of 100% voters who enters the captcha code correctly..."

With only a minority of voters entering the right Captcha code, will the Senior Staff approve another update for voting convenience? And with the recent website improvement of adding the Move Items to Vault and Clear Inventory functionalities, are the website developers ready for another task?


ZhyperMU has always had 2 big problems. Problem one: Lack of support provided in fixing game bugs. Problem two: far too many “strong” players using cheats. So imagine the surprise on everyone’s face when someone magically gets unbanned via an administrative pardon.

Today we will try to shed some light on what actually happens behind the scenes when Nocturnal grants a pardon to a player. So who could possibly give us the information we desire about this newly trending topic? Well, I can think of no better person, than the man who grants these pardons, Administrator Nocturnal himself.

So let’s begin with what sort of judgment is used when a Head Game Master swings the ban hammer down on a cheater. Well, there is definitely a long process in banning someone for cheating. The majority of this process is inside the Cheat Management Team’s halls, in their never-ending debates on whether someone is indeed cheating or not. In the event that the team does finally reach a conclusion, the attending HGM can finally deal the appropriate punishment, by permanently banning the account involved, with the only hope of reduced punishment is surrendering the cheats used.

Well, this is where the problem usually lies. People banned by both the CMT and HGM team tend to sometimes escape such punishment by going to complain and/or ask for forgiveness from Nocturnal. Now whenever someone escapes their sentence using a pardon, people assume that Nocturnal doesn't trust his HGMs in making such choices. Well, that would be the wrong assumption to make, because as he put it, “I trust my senior's decisions, no doubt. They are like the lights of our house :).” Yes, he even added the smiley face in. He’s not such a scary guy, really.

So if Nocturnal places so much trust in his senior team, why does he choose to undo their hard work, and at the same time disregard the work our loyal members put into getting the evidence to report these cheaters? Once again, I will use Nocturnal’s own words to explain this as well.
“I actually give pardon to any player who deserves it. There is difference from players banned because of trying to destroy the server, dupers who make money, DDOS wanabees. These are the players that will never get pardon and we want to keep them out of our bay. And players who got caught with cheats out of curiosity that leads to doing stupid things? I give them pardon because I know they are good players. Some of them played here since 2004. 10 years of loyalty to the server, you can't kill that just because of 1 or 2 stupid mistakes. I will talk to those players and sometimes even make them valuable assets to the server.”

Another rumor that has been circulating, particularly launched by Nocturnal’s favorite Finest, LordOfPain, is that pardons are for sale, as implied by his recent thread titled “How can I get that?” Well this rumor has also been put to rest by Nocturnal, along with a dare to disprove such statement. “That is absolutely not true, I challenge the people who say that to ask every finest, VIP or anyone if I ever sold pardons to them. Yes I have given pardon to some Finest and VIP but they got the pardon for free. Nobody paid for any pardon I gave.”

So then what are the general requirements of getting a pardon? Don’t worry, we have that covered as well. “Most of the time they get pardon after surrendering their cheats or hacks” claimed Nocturnal, and with no reason to disbelieve his words, I doubt anyone could prove otherwise. But one problem still remains. What about the effort people put into reporting such cheaters, only to see them go free a few days later, and what happens if the person who received a pardon gets right back at it as soon as he’s free? “I praise the players who keep on reporting to improve our server. I do give them incentives for doing this and for the players who got banned, another pardon depends on your case and your profile.”

So what have we learned from this? Well, if there’s anything that Nocturnal does not tolerate, it’s intentionally harming the server. The moment ZhyperMU starts to suffer from it as a whole community, is the moment you have blown your chances of a pardon. What else? Pardons aren’t free. If you want free saving, you better hand in that cheat. And the most important thing we've learned, is that Nocturnal appreciates loyalty. Do right by him, and he will do right by you.



"Seeing her become what she is today, seeing her grow as both a staff member and as a person, it simply shows what dedication and determination can do to someone."- Holmes

Illustrated by Eli


She's tough! She's intelligent! Gorgeous and Beautiful! She's one of the Community Managers that this community will ever look for.

There might be lots of those who admire her because of what she have done in the locale but also, there are some who are just so hard to please.

Have you ever wondered or felt like you want to know Mishel more? Did you try to get close to her to have a glimpse of who and what she is. Well, I guess some will just be like; "nah.. Who cares?" or like"She's the CM and that's that!".

Like this guy,
"I don't know too much about Mishel. What I know is that when I tried to reach her about my query in in-game section, I received nothing."-V

Well,we can't attest that this guy was ignored by Mishel. How come? Because, we all know that she's a busy person, like what most say "having a higher position comes with greater responsibilities. "On her part, Mishel needs to be active in order to fulfill her duties as the CM, which is not just a piece of cake.

Multitasking! Yes, that's the right word! That's what Mishel always does. She supervises everyone, from registered members to the staff team up to the seniors except for the admin of course. She always check things out whether the staffs are doing their duties or the trainees are being taught correctly or one staff group is functioning well. And, that's not easy. (I'm already stressed thinking about it.)

Anyhow, besides from that, whenever we're asked who Mishel is, majority will answer, "She's the Community Manager". So much for her tag, let's disregard the CM thing and think who Mishel is as a person.

"For me, Mishel is always friendly, responsible and a happy person. She's also pushed me to join this community even we're not close. I really like her because she's always active to everyone's reports." -MlanceG, Registered Member.

From the perception that the CM is strict, somehow snobbish or whatsoever, it turns out to be that she's a really friendly gal. She is kind, generous (KFC), caring and a person worth of entrusting all your secrets and maybe even your life.

"Mishel is a good person, she always understand the situation, she's listening to whatever you are saying, kind as kind, not a rude girl,not bad attitude..." -Jhem, Moderator

Also, she's somehow a silent type and doesn't talk when she doesn't have anything to say. And, when she talks you are truly going to listen to every word she's saying. Not because she has a low voice, it's not that loud (she can be), just the average. It's just that she talks about meaningful stuffs which catch not just your attention but also your interest.

"I know she snobs a lot of people around the forum, you know why? She always focus on the panel, moderating of something and etc. But don't get mad at her, she's kind and a good person as I stated." -Jhem, Moderator.

Somewhat becoming her favorite past time, I think. (Joke)

"If there's something that I admire in a person, is the ability to stand independently and not relying on others to get stuff done."-Holmes

But most and foremost, Mishel is really just a simple person. She's not like those gals who's world revolves on shopping, going to salon and whatsoever. Her simplicity brings out the beauty in her and that's the thing that most people like about her. She's not hard to be with and you can approach her any time because she's really friendly.There's really nothing to hate about her. She's lovable. You really just have to know her better.

Overall, Mishel is truly just beyond Godlike.




Hey, new comers! Having a hard time playing the game? We are here to help! Don't you worry, we are the ZhyperMU family!

Here are some tips and trivia that will surely make your ZhyperMU life easier. These are shared by players based on their own experiences.

- Logging into the ZhyperMU website. Ever encountered having to type in your username and password twice to log in to the site? Try typing
www.zhypermu.com rather than just zhypermu.com. This will allow you to just log-in once.

- Creating eX700 wings (aka 4th wings). Very low success rate in creating your "4th wings"? No need to worry! An easier and cheaper way of increasing the success rate of creating EX700 wings is to add Jewel of Life options on your second wings. (MrLieu: "The trick in having the maximum Combination Success Rate when creating 4th wings is to maximize the JOL option of your wings. That is, Additional Damage/Defense +16 and/or Automatic HP Recovery +4%.")

- Warping to Vulcanus. You can only warp to Vulcanus on Non-PVP Servers by typing /move Vulcanus or /warp Vulcanus. However, if you are a member in any Gens Clan (Vanert or Duprian), you can enter Vulcanus on any Server.

- Hunting Silver Boxes. If you have the guts, and especially the right gear, go to the upper right portion of Tarkan 2 (somewhere around coordinates 10, 240), and you will be in the area where a lot of Silver Valkyries spawn. This is a great place to kill this mob which drops Silver Boxes.

- Farming Signs of Lord. If buying Full Trade of SOL 255 is equal to 2 black pets, wherein; FT=32, and 32x255=8160, how in the world will you be able to loot that?! Just farm in Blood Castle! This event gives the highest drop rate and is the most effective way to collect Signs of Lord.

- Excellent damage rate (EDR). Do you know that if you have 20% Increase EDR on Master Level Skills, 48% EDR on your pair of swords, 10% EDR on your pendant, you only need 2 Killer Parts on your set? It is because any percentage in excess of 100% on EDR doesn't have any effect. (Ghee_ReX: "I think I will ruin the market on this.")

- HRS means How (to be) Rich Soon. Yes, higher refining stone is a great way to earn your first black pet and be rich in no time. Create Higher Refining Stones using Excellent Items you don't need, or buy them for 1 soul each. (Ravelijah: There are players who buy 300 HRS for 1 black pet. Sell the black pet for 450-480 souls and buy HRS again for 1 soul each. Repeat the process and you'll be rich! Aw, competition...)

- Spam, spam, spam. Server 5 (Market Server) allows you to post every 7 seconds in contrast to Server 1 which only allows you to spam every minute. A nice way to literally SPAM the market!


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
- Lao Tzu[

As Lao Tzu defines it, love either gives a person strength or courage. We asked some of the Zhyperians to participate in our monthly confession and provide their own definition of love. Some describes it as "feeling to give to everyone…”, "power to do good things for someone…”, "willing to give or give up something without any doubt, to be broken just to see your love one very happy" and "With out love, all hatred will spread in our world." It can have different interpretation since it can be related to all aspects of life. One definition is not enough to be concluded as the exclusive meaning of love.

In consideration of this, love can be a major part of an individual’s life. One cannot deny that once in his life, he has felt it. Moreover, you may find yourself tempted to talk anything about love just to relate yourself with others. Because of this, we have come up with something to entice the Zhyperians into reading the ZhyperMU Forum Monthly News. Every month, there will be a featured real-life uncut love stories to be published. Here are some of them:

Solitary Love

He defines his love to last until his very last breath. The love that understands the situation despite its negative effects on his part. The unselfless of it that is willing to forsake his own happiness for his girlfriend, to isolate himself to ensure that his girlfriend is bad-image-free, and to have the solitary moment on loving someone who always love you back. (LINK provided here)

Regrettable Love Regret

His love story can be considered as something magical. His transformation is from an anti-social loner to a love-oriented Romeo. A total nobody eventually became his Juliet. The buddy relationship developed into love-driven relationship. A love that altered his whole life’s viewpoint about relationships. The geographically separated love grounded on one major regret. (LINK provided here)

If you also want to feature your Love Story on the ZhyperMU Forum Monthly News, you can share it to us by messaging GM Teito personally your stories. Anything about love, e.g., Family, Friend, Personal or etc. is accepted as long as you are willing to share it. Remember, make LOVE not WAR!


Recent surveys had shown that the number of people who is overweight nowadays are increasing due to unbalanced diet and also unhealthy lifestyle.

As you can see we are now in the world of technology. Teenagers are fond of playing games using their gadgets like cellphones, Ipads or even on the computer where you can play various online games. This somehow contribute some fats because of being physically inactive due to playing all day without even moving an inch.

In order to avoid being overweight and be physically fit we must live in a healthy lifestyle.

First, before going to the computer, make it a habit to exercise everyday rather than waking up then go directly to the computer and play. You can have push ups, curl ups or even jog in place is already a good exercise.

Why do we need to exercise? Based on the acquired research, exercise controls your weight, it prevents you from disease such us high blood pressure and can also boost your energy.

Inculcate of having a regular exercise you also need to eat the right kind of food. You need to avoid eating junk food because it maybe the reason why you're over fatigue and also it affects brain function. We must also train ourselves to eat vegetables and fruits in order to be healthy and improve our metabolism in our body.

Avoid eating red meats because it is can cause high blood pressure which common people obtain such disease nowadays.

Lastly avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. You need to avoid smoking because it can lead to complications with your lungs and research have shown that it can lower one's lifespan because of its chemicals. And also limit yourself in drinking alcoholic beverages. Why? It's because it won’t bring any good to your body hence it can lead you to complications in your kidney which is extremely dangerous and deadly.

These are simple health tips for everyone, for all of us to be healthy and be physically fit. Remember that we don't need to abuse our body and we must always live to the fullest.

Hello old friend,
How have you been?
Hello dear friend,
What could have been?

Mistakes from the past,
Made us grow apart.
Thought friendship could last,
Not knowing it'll end fast.

I wish you well
And safe where you dwell.
Forget the old quarrel,
Let the future unravel.

I challenged you,
You accepted with composure.
But when defeated,
You burst with displeasure.

Spread lies about me,
Did it make you feel better?
Bad-mouth about my family,
This is just getting bitter.

We don't welcome weak hearts;
They're easy to fall apart.
In this game you must outsmart
Your opponent's braggart.


SOTW #/Title:# 194 Winner
Theme: Black and White
Artist: Flannery

SOTW #/Title:# 196 Winner
Theme: Maleficent Characters
Artist: JMarion

SOTW #/Title:# 197 Winner
Theme: ZhyperMU Chibi Characters
Artist: Argon

SOTW #/Title:# 198 Winner
Theme: DotA 2 Renders
Artist: Dave

You are the great ZhyperMU detective, and you are tasked to know all the NPC of the MU Continent. The task is challenging, but finishing it is rewarding...

For this issue, your job is to identify 5 NPCs using the following images.






Post your answer on the
Contribution Hall using the following format:

Title: Who's that NPC? - [Your Name]
Entry Answer
NPC 1:
NPC 2:
NPC 3:
NPC 4:
NPC 5:

The first person who identifies the 5 NPCs correctly will be rewarded 300 credit points. One winner of 150 credit points will be randomly selected from all other entries with the correct answer.

1.) All forum members are allowed.
2.) Only one entry per forum users.

You are a prisoner who wants freedom but there is a problem, you must find the way out of the maze to be free.

Mechanics :
You will be given an image of an Maze Puzzle to solve. To sovle it, you must upload the image and answer it with your editing tools using "Red Color". Entries must be posted on a thread that you must create in
Contribution Hall entitled "Month Maze Puzzle" and the prize for this game will be 300 Credit Points.

Format of Entries :
Forum Name :
Entry/Edited Image :
Rules :

1.) All forum members are allowed
2.) No spamming or double or more threads.
3.) No copying of entries.

So hi fellas i wanna bring you a simple event which is called "Sudoku" as what the title says. And each month there is a corresponding level of difficulty that will be posted in every monthly issue with matching prizes as well. So here are the rules and mechanics of the event.

1. You need to create a thread here
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¬ News & Announcements 19 August, 2014
ZhyperMU Castle Siege Warlords
¬ News & Announcements 6 July, 2014

Zhyperian Magazine June Issue
¬ News & Announcements 5 July, 2014
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Our Administrator Nocturnal made some updates in game regarding into our new season as we get used to it from time to time. This updates and fixes need to be done in game so that our gaming experience will be better and to prevent any hassles. He made few updates and fixes in game namely Cash shop tax reduced, Tier 2 Issues to Be Fixed, Discounted Jewel of Bless and Reflection skill reinstated. In order to know more about this updates and fixes in game I will give you some brief explanation and information regarding the matter in order for your questions in mind to be clarifies.

First and foremost, the network owner have announced a great news to the marketers in server 7 regarding selling items in personal store thru cash points. This announcement was made and dully implemented last June 22, 2014, Sunday. And in line with this great news, let it be known to everyone that the tax in VIP Server Cash Shop Personal Store Market System has been reduced by 60%. So this means that the previous tax rate on cash shop personal store will not be already 5% hence it is down now. Indeed a great update and fewer burdens especially to marketers.

Second, recently our players experienced some problems regarding tier 2 sets as of the moment which cannot be traded, put in the store or event put in the vault. This is because Tier 2 items are having bugs that need to be fixed after our server upgrade from Season 6 EP3 to EX702 Plus. So many players are wondering why these things happen and to avoid any misunderstandings our beloved Administrator Nocturnal have finally clear things up regarding Tier 2 items yesterday June 22, 2014, Sunday. He officially announced the problems regarding Tier 2 sets which cannot be traded or moved so all queries about these problems will be answered hence according to him, they are already fixing the issue regarding these matters and patience is highly appreciated for this take some time to be fixed.

Third, The Administrator has announced about the discounted rate of the Jewel of Bless on June 26, 2014, Thursday. He has officially announced the newest rate of our Jewel of Bless in VIP server from 150m down to 100m. This rate is only applied in our VIP server 7 which means that other server from server 1 to server 6 have still the same rate of Jewel of Bless which is 150m. The network owner has reduced the stack of Jewel of Bless in the NPC from pack 10 to 1 so that it will not cost too much when buying Jewel of Bless in the NPC. A great update to our beloved player wherein they buy Jewel of Bless so they can upgrade their items from +13 to +15, heal their pets such as Fenrirs and etc. With this update, Zeny has increased its value in order for our market economy to be stabilized for the near future.
Last June 24, 2014, Tuesday, our beloved Administrator, Nocturnal, have officially announced the Summoner Reflection skill can now be used again after disabling it for a quiet period of time. He has fixed Summoner's reflect damage in order to avoid any bug to this skills which is abused by our players in game especially in guild wars and castle siege. Administrator Nocturnal also said “That we did not have to disable this skill but fixed it’s over powered damage and made it well balanced”. Which means that when he tried to disable the skills it doesn’t mean that he permanently disabled it hence he disabled it so he can fix the skills and avoid any bugs to happen again just like what you’ve heard in game before about bug reflection which is really annoying to other players in game wherein they easily get killed with just a reflect skill. Finally Summoner’s Reflection skill is now fixed and balanced and will not encounter any bugs to this skill anymore.

There are more updates to come so keep on visiting our forum and be updated all the time!




For the past few days June 23, 2014, Monday, our ever Administrator Nocturnal have officially announced that our website ranking including the Most Resets, Top Killers, Gens, Last Man Standing and Guild rankings are now 100% fixed. According to him, the website ranking is now fully optimized and does not lag our database anymore. After a long span of time wherein the website ranking is disabled we are wondering and have it in our mind who is the first in gens ranking now which have into imagining who it is. As additional info, he clearly stated that our Webshop is also underway and will be finished by next month. As of now he is more focusing more on eX702 updates and fixes. And as promised by Nocturnal as long as the Web Shop is already fixed the 5K credit points will be given to all of our beloved players but stay tune to any further announcements to come.

Updates are about IP logging system, Cash Points, Facebook and Website Improvements. He announced that we can now log all IP Address for single account this means we can help you faster with any problem with your account especially from scam and hacking cases. This can be found in our account management wherein we need to log in our account in the website and after logging in click account management below and there you can see the “View last 10 logged in IP". This will enable you to see the last 10 IP of who logged in to your game account and their geo location. And also it is added the last 20 Cash Shop Activities in game wherein you can view your previous transactions regarding cash points. Castle siege info on main index is already putted wherein as you log in your account in our website you will know who the current holder of the castle siege is. Register with Facebook and login with Facebook is also added because this will enable users to register easier and login easier. Facebook Comments on each ranking tab is also added. Let it be known as well that we already have our official Facebook page in order to prevent and avoid any hack cases regarding fake Facebook pages about ZhyperMU. Our official Facebook Community page is: www.facebook.com/zhypernetworks and please do not post or share any account information. Please remember that WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORD. Don’t get fooled by scammers impersonating staff and giving reward prizes, i repeat WE NEVER ASK FOR PASSWORD!




The ex700 plus update has just took place and there are a bunch of updates concerning the drop rates of mobs in some particular maps. Starting with the Acheron map, normal monsters in the vicinity of the map has a 10% chance of dropping silver box and spirit map fragment and 30% chance for the VIP players, while the bosses on the map has a 10% chance of dropping golden box and a 30% chance of dropping spirit map fragments and of course for the VIP players they will enjoy a whooping 30% chance drop rate of golden box and 50% chance drop rate for spirit map fragments.

Next is the Crywolf map, there will be a drop rate of 1% for every golden box and key in this map, and a drop rate of 2% in every silver box and key. Spirit map fragments' drop rate were not specified but said that it has a higher drop rate in this map. Devil eye +7 and devil key +7, which were removed from the NPC, will have a high drop rate in this vicinity as per Nocturnal's announcement. Even the ticket to join Chaos Castle and blood bone +8 and blood scroll +8 which are required to make a ticket for Blood Castle were added. Also Nocturnal increased the damage of the mobs for a more thrilling adventure, just a random tip, mobs in Crywolf can also die from reflect so you may just pot and watch as they die on their own cause.

Now to the drops in events, starting with Devil Square. To add more spice in this event, admin decided to add sphere +5 and all the talismans. And to quote the announcement, here is the complete loot table for Devil Square:
"1. Sphere LVL 5 x1 Drop Rate
2. Jewel of Creation x5 Drop Rate
3. Silver Key x5 Drop Rate
4. Gold Key x5 Drop Rate
5. Talisman of Chaos Assembly x1 Drop Rate
6. Elemental Talisman of Luck x2 Drop Rate
7. Elemental Talisman of Chaos x1 Drop Rate
8. Magic Backpack x2 Drop Rate"

Meanwhile in Blood Castle, here is to quote from another announcement:
"1. x5 Higher Drop Rate of Jewels ( Bless, Soul, Life, Gemstone & Chaos)
2. 3x Higher Drop Rate of Spirit Map Fragments
3. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Sealed Silver & Gold Box
4. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Item Socket Slot Adder
6. 2x Higher Drop Rate of Sign of Lord Stacked +30"

And of course our VIP subscribers will still have them on double rate. And with the combination of the loot tables of Blood Castle and Devil Square, the loot table for Chaos Castle will be known plus the GM Box rewarded to the ones who will win the exciting event.

For the castle owners, Land of Trials has been updated too. To quote another update from our owner here is the loot table for the proud and strong owners of the Castle:
"1. Spirit Fragments has 20% Higher Drop Rate
2. Item Slot Adder 15% higher Higher Drop Rate
3. Sealed Golden Box & Key 15% Higher Drop Rate
4. Sealed Silver Box & Key 15% Higher Drop Rate
5. Zen has 10% higher drop rate
6. Ancient Items 10% higher than old season Drop rate
7. Sign of Lord 20% higher drop rate and will drop 50 pack.
8. Jewel of Chaos, Soul & Bless 15% Higher Drop Rate
9. Jewel of Guardian 30% Higher Drop Rate"

Some more updates about drops, Season 4 and Season 7 items are now the drops by the golden box just like the GM Box, while silver box contains random Season 3 and 4 items. The White Wizard now is as hard as the Kunduns and will now have an 80% chance of dropping golden box, while the Silver Valkyrie has a 10% chance of dropping the silver box. And for the VIPs, you may enjoy an addition of 20% to every pentagram and elemental upgrade, you may also enjoy another 20% addition to the drop rate of pentagram and elemental ingredients and updates.

Brace yourselves, hunting season has already started, suit up with your best gears and enjoy the most out of the game can offer, happy gaming ZMU Community!



As times goes by we see many updates regarding some changes in different staff team. Others have been newly recruited and some as well are stepping down to their respective position due to real life problems. But then it is part of our challenges in real life because as staff you need to balance your time so you could push thru with your task in community hence if not that the times others will be resigning because they could not do or accomplish their certain task already.

On June 02, 2014, Monday, our beloved Community Manager, Mishel, had made changes in GFX team. First and foremost Aries came back to his position as Head GFX in our community after he left for a couple of weeks due to his problem in his internet connection and we thank Azumi for covering up the task of Aries while he is not around hence she will resume her job as GFXr. Next in line is the newly recruit in GFX team JMarion who will undergo as Test GFX for weeks in order to be familiar with the task and prove himself to the team. As for Scootaloo will also be serving again as Full GFX in the team. But sad to say that .PENDELUM has left his position due to personal resignation. We thank him for the service he did for the community and let’s give a warm welcome to the newly recruit in GFX Team.

On June 06, 2014, Friday, our beloved Lead Moderator Engel just announced the sudden step down of our Moderator Shinobu due to connection problems that he had experienced that lead him not to attend his task anymore and also due to short time to moderate in our community because of his busy schedule in real life while our handsome Head Game Master iReject made some changes in Game Master Team on the same day. It was the sudden resignation of our Game Master MisterFOX(MisterFOX in-game) due to real life busy schedule and as quoted he want to focus his family business at the moment that made him not to handle his task as a Game Master. Next was the removal of our three Test Game Masters namely Mskii, Reclaim, and Zorel due to their lack of activity while our ex Game Master Nduongdl (Nduong in-game) will be back in Game Master Team to render service again.

On June 09, 2014, Monday our handsome Head Game Master Seravi has announced some changes in Game Master Team which is effective immediately. First is the sudden resignation of our two Game Masters and one Game Master Team Leader namely Don. (xGerard in-game), Blank (iMudlock in-game), GMTL Reversi (cikayatra in-game). In lieu with their resignation in their respective position, Artketzu (Ketzu in-game) and RaiRick (RickRai in-game) both promoted as Game Master Team Leader in order to have equilibrium in the team.

Our Community Manager, Mishel, made some changes in GFX Team once again, June 12, 2014 Thursday. .Azumi and Zenedge both stepped down to their positions as GFX due to hectic academic schedule wherein they have no time to attend the request of our beloved forumers anymore hence they resigned so they can focus in there real life. On the other hand .Avin and Neon will serve as full GFX to our community again in order to cover the slots that have been emptied.

On June 13, 2014, Friday, our Lead Moderator Engel announced that Moderator TheCookieMonster had resigned due his hectic real life schedule. On the other hand our Moderator eddie000 has been removed from the team due to inactivity and we cannot really avoid some real life issue wherein we cannot attend on our respective task anymore.

On June 16, 2014, Monday, our Community Manager, Mishel, made an announcement regarding the resignation of our beloved Head Game Master MrVasiu a.k.a Dany due to his real life hectic schedule that made him inactive and cannot fulfill his task in the community. We thank him again for serving back into our community and wish him good luck in his real life. On the favorable matter our Test Head Game Master Cry has passed his test period and will not server as a Full Head Game Master. The next day, June 17, 2014, Wednesday, Our beloved Head Game Master, Cry, just made some necessary changes in his team. First and foremost let it be known that GM Amix (Xenjie in-game) and GM Jamir (xJhem in-game) will be leaving the team in couple of weeks due to real life issues that need to be done and they both promised to come back as long as it is done. And since the Game Master Team recruitment is finally closed our Head Game Master has announced the qualified once and they are now called themselves as Test Game Master and they are no other than Lyn, TheAchilles, Aichan, TeitoKlein, Hanz, Vincent and PhilyahSham.

June 22, 2014, Sunday, our beloved Community Manager Mishel, came up into final decision making Reversi as a Test Head Game Master in preparation to this upcoming task as Full Head Game Master if he could make it through. Test Head Game Master Reversi will undergo couple of weeks for his test period as a Test Head Game Master so he could get to use on the things and task that needs to be done. After the discussion with the Head Game Masters along with the approval of our Administrator they have decided to bring back Reversi and undergo as a Test Head Game Master to cover up things that needs to be attended.

On June 23, 2014, Monday, Our Head Game Master Cry just announced the promotion of our three Test Game Masters namely Legion (Shacainna in-game), CoCaXCoLa (xCocacola in-game), iFuu (iFuu in-game). They have proven themselves that they really deserve to the position as Full Game Master. This newly promoted Game Master can now assist in GMTA as well as PVP section. Let it also be known that our former Game Master Akashi will make a comeback to help the Game Master Team again.

On June 25, 2014, Wednesday, our Lead Moderator, Engel, have officially announced the new set of Test Moderators namely oElio and Spartan. After a couple of weeks since the recruitment in closed our Lead Moderator come up into her mind the new set of Test Moderator wherein they will undergo couple of weeks for their test periods as Moderator in preparation to their upcoming task as a Moderator if they could make it through. Our Lead Moderator Engel said that “We had good applications however we do not have many slots right now on the team but I’m not going to discourage anyone from trying to apply again in the future.” Finally Jamir will be switching from GM team to serve the community as moderator which means that former Game Master Jamir have left the team and transfer to Moderator team to server our community better.

Our Head Game Master, 4Got10 announced the resignation of our Game Master EMPEROR (Leucard In-game) on June 27, 2014 due to hectic schedule in real life that made him not to attend anymore his task as a Full Game Master hence he leave the team. As quoted in his resignation letter he wants to focus in his real life and studies. Lastly Test Game Master Hanz failed his test period as a Game Master due to real life hectic schedule that made him not to attend his task anymore.

Our Lead Moderator, Engel, just announced on June 30, 2014, Monday, about Moderator Marko will leave the team for a short period of time. The reason might be, he wants to fix something on his real life as of the moment therefore he leaves for a couple of weeks in the team. On the favorable matter let it be known that Former Moderator iWorm came back to the Moderator Team to serve again our community.

The administration, as well as the community really appreciate and thank these people for the unremarkable services they have rendered. We are wishing you all the best in life. As for the people who keep on returning into team, we are really grateful and welcome you all with arms wide open.




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SOTW #/Title:# 186 Winner
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